17 Tips For Web Designers To Get More Clients

17 Tips For Web Designers To Get More Clients in 2021. How web designers can secure more clients moving forward.

There are many ways to find clients but one thing is certain, and that is to invest in excellent digital design that generates leads and revenue. Having a massive knowledge in the realm of digital marketing is key to success. However, even experienced, passionate and successful entrepreneurs sometimes still struggle to land new clients. There are several different reasons for this. Perhaps a lack of drive to grow is a possible cause. Or perhaps the quality of the work and the person is too great and they are not winning enough business to keep them busy and interested in the work. These are the steps needed to overcome this obstacle. Know Your Way around the Industry First, a little bit of self-education is required.

Tip 1

Find out what your audience cares about

Before writing a page or making a video, ask yourself “Why does this matter to me?”. Or “Why does this matter to my audience?”. Then write about it! What will my audience be interested in reading/watching? Which questions are they asking themselves? Why are they watching? What are they learning? These questions could be answered by asking interviewees for stories and interviews or finding out what relevant news stories the audience is currently interested in.

Tip 2

Grow your social media audience

Starting a Facebook group or Twitter account is the easiest way to build a following. You can do this yourself or bring in people on a contract basis to make social media work for you.

Tip 3

Offer a free consultation

People often hire companies based on word of mouth recommendations, online reviews and referrals from friends. Clients will be more likely to hire a company that has customers who are happy with their service. The only way to get your name and your company out to more people is to offer a free consultation. People will be more likely to make a purchase from a company that they’ve heard of and been recommended by.

Tip 5

Build up a referral network

Before you contact a potential client, build up your referral network. Instead of approaching a person one at a time, approach a group of people. Having a large network of colleagues will increase your chances of getting a big client and referral opportunity.

Tip 6

Offer a free audit

“If I like what I see, I’ll give you $X a month for two years.” This is a classic tactic that some web design companies use to get you to sign on the dotted line for expensive hosting and software packages. On the surface, this sounds like a good deal. But how often do you actually think about the price of hosting and what that does to your server speed? Are you sure you are getting the best deal out there, or could you have been doing much better? So much depends on the host you choose and how many sites you are hosting with them. That’s why it’s great to hire someone who is experienced in this arena and knows how to negotiate a fair price with hosting providers. “If I like what I see, I’ll give you $X a month for two years.

Tip 7

Offer a free template

Customers do not trust template developers and expect that if you can offer a free version of your design or even one of the limited time promotional ones then it’s a good bet they will hire you for any further work. Building trust in a business or being perceived as a good or credible company, especially one you’re not sure about, is essential and almost impossible to achieve without building trust. Websites for sale and static work are as ineffective at providing value to the client as they are at driving sales. Many other digital marketing and design agencies use this technique and look to offer limited time sales for a ‘while stocks last’ concept to drive sales. But what it really does is undermine any chance of finding the perfect client in the first place.

Tip 8

Offer a free quote

Although web design and development is a serious business, freelancers are getting increasingly savvy about value creation. While we work on anything from the simple one-page website to full blown brand new e-commerce solutions, we still understand that offering a free quote provides value for clients who otherwise would not have the time or budget to do the research themselves. Take time out of your day and see how many potential clients will actually hire you because you gave them a free quote.

Tip 9

Offer a 30-day free trial

More often than not, clients are wary of spending money on a new website. It is natural to question a website’s value, but if you can get them to look beyond this initial scepticism, there are better chances of them becoming your loyal clients.

Tip 10

Offer a free one-time project

While running a website is important, how about offering a single-time-only, no-obligation, customer satisfaction project? A good idea to do is use your website to persuade customers to sign up for a monthly newsletter or other form of email list. Leverage social media to find new clients Learn how to find new clients on social media

Tip 12

Use “to-call” phone numbers for cold calls

Most internet users check their email at least several times a day and are used to being contacted by phone. Send out a cold call, and use the “to-call” phone numbers that most websites have embedded. Tips for Headless CMS Tips for Headless CMS By 2021, the most popular CMS is going to be “headless”, or as I like to call it, “beyond the browser”.

Tip 13

Offer a free demo

If you create a website without a demo, why would anyone buy a subscription? Go ahead, create a demo page for your site. Make sure it looks great. Think of an interesting and unique demo that shows off your domain and is engaging.

Tip 13

Share your development process with other designers


The more content you create, the more people will want to read and see it. Tip 9Have testimonials for people to see Demonstrate a case study, make it an argument, or just share the story. Make sure you are publishing them often and it can be shown on your home page, blog, and social media profiles. Tip 10Stop working in isolation Your clients are interested in you and the work you provide.

Tip 14

Offer a free gift

As they say, be the gift that keeps on giving. Especially for web designers, offering a free gift, especially free tools that would aid them to design projects faster, would have a positive impact on their clients. And not only that, people get motivated and would say, why not me? At the same time, a person gets more familiar with your services and would refer to you to other people.

Tip 15

Remember the different customer groups


You need to remember that most people view a web design as a single entity – they don’t pay attention to the name, rather the layout or design.

Tip 16

Offer a testimonial

Time and again, clients go with their gut feelings. They think this is the right client for them. Once they set a meeting with a web design agency and receive a 3-minute phone call, they start believing and trusting the agency. Advertising on websites will gain popularity in the future. If you’re doing some paid advertising, then take the extra step and write testimonial for a client you’ve worked with. Doing so will give credibility to the advertising and will also help them remember you and trust you again in the future.

Tip 17

Find out your ideal clients


It’s very important for a web designer to know what exactly their client needs are. Every company and business wants different things from the web design company.