Do you setup domain and hosting as well?

Yes we do! In fact we can recommend some great hosting companies that will guarantee 99% uptime for your website all the time. They are fast, reliable and have top notch support. If you wish, we can set things up for you and maintain it as well. Contact us to discuss.

Price seems so cheap?

Everyone deserves a chance to start up their business. Some don't have too much to start with and they deserve a beautiful professional website as much as the big guys. We design with passion. Its not so much about the cost but its the passion for what we do that drives us.

Do I get support after the site is completed?

Absolutely! we provide extensive support even when the site is finished. We assist if you ever get stuck or if you need to add more information to the website or whatever else you need help with regarding the website.

Do you have a discounts?

It depends on the project and the scale thereof. We sometimes provide discount for big scale projects. Let's discuss it.

You can send a message if you have further enquiries.