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I’m a web designer and developer who infuses some graphic design into my craft. I build and design attractive custom websites which perform well for each client’s goal.

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My Packages

Small budget to full web design packages, including WordPress website design, Shopify store design, SEO services, Google Ads and more.

Websites Designed To Perform Well

I build and design websites with client goal in mind. A website that will generate you sales and get you more leads. Attractive websites designed to perform well. SEO friendly optimised websites, fast loading with great performance. Design and UX that will get you more enquiry and eventually sales. Mobile responsive which is important for any successful website.

Your website is the first impression your customers or anyone will have of you or your business/company. Its like a job interview. You go in looking well put together visually. That in itself will get the interviewers interested before they start asking questions.


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Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

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Appealing UX And Design

Your potential customers will enjoy landing on your website if the UX and design is appealing. They are able to find what they need easily while building trust with them at the same time.

Ultimately what every business wants is to have a connection with their website visitors and potential clients/customers so they can connect with you, make contact and want to do business with you or buy what you are selling.

This is what I will deliver to you as a web designer and developer. Fast and responsive website, visually appealing and mobile responsiveness.

WordPress & Shopify Design

My favourite CMS for clients which perform reliably well are WordPress and Shopify.


Wordpress is service focused for businesses, the most popular CMS there is today. User friendly, flexible, easily managed and capable for SEO. I enjoy working on WordPress CMS and my clients love it too becasue they can also edit their website eventually to add basic info like photos and texts as they choose.


Shopify is best for online store and its a very popular CMS for store owners. You can easily manage inventories and connect to many apps that enables you to make tons of sales. For ecommerce stores, Shopify currently ranks as the best.

My Website Design Services Steps


Find Out

Finding out what the client wants and needs. How to work to successfully implement the client’s goals and turn it into success.



Once a clear vision is established, I start working on the web design. I show clients what their website will look like sometime if they want to know. Sometimes I present a few options so the client can determine which one is more to their taste.


The Launch

I will do a thorough check and ensure the website is fully ready for public exposure. Web hosting all set, domain working properly and connected the right way, mobile responsivess working properly and everything else will be checked properly.



I also assist clients with information on how to manage their website once completed and handed over. You will be able to to edit the info, add info, and other basic but important necessities. I work with clients even after the work is finished. Because I understand some need that extra help to manage the basic things. I’m always there for the clients.

“Kemiweb did an amazing job on our websites. We were. really impressed with the design of our new website and we plan on hiring her for more work in the near future. Highly recommended!.”

Jane W.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Small budget to full web design packages, including WordPress website design, Shopify store design, SEO services, Google Ads and more.

“Kemiweb works super fast and so good, and kept us informed all the way through the design process. We will be back, Thanks! ”

Jason A.

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